Saturday, March 26, 2016

List of Behavioral Economics Masters Programs in Europe

Last updated: March 2016
This is a working list of European Masters Programs in Behavioural Economics, Behavioural Science, Economics & Psychology and Decision Science. If you know of any programs that I have omitted please let me know. I don't describe programs in the United States because the norm there is for a Masters to be automatically awarded a few years into a PhD program so they aren't advertised in the same way as in Europe. There are exceptions, such as this MSc in Cornell University

List of Masters Programs
1. MSc Behavioral Science (Stirling)


Joe Gladstone said...

The one at Exeter doesn't exist anymore I'm afraid! It closed in 2009.

Joe Gladstone said...

Also, there is:
MSc Business (Behavioural Science) - Warwick
MSc Decision Sciences (Management Science) - LSE

Mark Egan said...

Cheers Joe

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

There's also this one at LSE:
Executive MSc Behavioural Science

listed here

Robert Dur said...

There is a Behavioral Economics Masters program in Rotterdam too:

Liam Delaney said...

Thanks for this Robert.

Mark Egan said...

Thanks Anon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this list together Mark, very helpful for looking at what options exist to undertake further study in this evolving field

Alex Joshi said...

The MSc Business (Behavioural Science) at Warwick Business School will not be running in 2014 (source

Mark Egan said...

Thanks Alex

Roger said...

Dear Mark

Thank you for posting the list!

I am considering the Master in HDS @ UM too - can you report us (me) about your experience in Maastricht?

And why are you proceeding with another master degree?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Ritu R said...

Hi Mark,

Wanted to know if any of these University provide online course options too for foreign students.(The long term online courses- not the edX types)


Mark Egan said...

I don't think so Ritu. I know there are some BE courses on Coursera and the like but I haven't looked into Masters levels courses online. You could have a look at Liam's lectures from this year's MSc Behavioural Science (see the widget in the top left)

Madame Iman said...

Hi. Im interested in nottingham. How to apply and what are the requirements? If possible i would like to apply also for scholarship.

How long is the prpgram?


Pavan Nikhil said...

I would like to know the order in which the colleges are better if possible and the scope of the subject in terms of placement. Please share the information in case you know.

Than you!

Alison said...

Hi Mark

Can you tell me if the fees are per semester, or for the entire degree?


Mark Egan said...

Alison - the fees refer to the whole degree.

Anonymous said...

There is also a new MSc in Behavioral Economics at the University of Essex

Mark Egan said...

Thanks Anon. I've added that and updated all the course fees to the latest available figures. Looks like increases all around.

johnjsills said...

Hi Mark,

Do you know of any Masters courses which can be done via distance learning, for someone who is in full time employment?


Mark Egan said...

No I don't John. However on the top left of the blog there is a widget called "Introduction to BE" containing summaries derived from Liam's lectures to the MSc students here so that might be a start.

Julián Arango said...

Hello Mark

The link related to a US master is not ok. Could you check it?

Mark Egan said...

Fixed now Julian, cheers.

Anonymous said...

Excellent information, thank you!

I'm considering this option. I still have to find out about how much emphasis they put on public policy, which is my area of interest now.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi mark i was hoping you had any information for the Behavioral Economics course at the University of Essex.. i just got an offer and was wanted to know more before i accept.

Mark Egan said...

No idea Anon! Good luck with your studies.

Ajanta said...

Hi Mark

This has been a most helpful post in my information mining.

I was wondering if there is a postgraducte diploma or certification in BE in either the UK, Uk or Australia (which is where I am based) that you are aware of?

Having already completed my MBA and working as a marketing researcher for over 9 years I am keen to dip into the science behind BE without making a long term education commitment.


Mark Egan said...

Ajanta, I'm not sure if you mean an online course. If so, I don't know of any online BE courses that teach Masters level material. That seems to be a gap in the market at the moment.

Natkamon Tovanich said...

Behavioural Decision Science MSc at Kingston University London

Pankti Shah said...

What would the probable job prospects be in UK as of now after a Masters in Behavioral Economics or Behavioral Finance?

abishek reddy said...

Hi Mark.

I have graduated in mechanical engineering and biological sciences degrees. I have been strongly contemplating pursuing applied psychology or behavioral psychology/studies. I wanted to know how u could go about this and the best universities. Any advice?

Mark Egan said...

Hi Abishek,
There is a lot of variability amongst the various MSc programs listed above in terms of what their course content focuses on (e.g. Game Theory, Social Psychology, government or business applications). I think a good step would be to check the individual course webpages and try to narrow down what you are really interested in.

Kate said...

Hi Mark,

Really useful blog post, thanks!

I was wondering if it's only the courses at UCL and CUL that offer part time study? I would really like to apply for the MSc in Behavioral Science at Stirling, but would find it difficult to enrol full time as I have a full time job, so any info about part time options would be much appreciated.

Many thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark,
I found a "Postgraduate Programs in Behavioral Economics and
Behavioral/Decision Science" list, in case you'd like to expand yours.

Nátaly said...


I'm Brazilian and I'm not exactly aware about which Universities are the best or more accredited on this list. I just know Sorbonne and UM. Anyone can help me on choosing it?

Thank you!

Matt Bodien said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for gathering this list. I have referred back to it numerous times as I try to understand the BE landscape abroad (live in the US). Wondering if you had a POV on programs based in Econ departments versus Psych departments versus B-schools. Would you say any are more rigorous than others? Obviously B-school is more geared to a particular application, would you say Econ or Psych is more bent towards application than the other? Particularly consumer behavior?

UCL's Cognitive and Decision Science program has piqued my interest thus far in my research, so any insight into how that particular program compares to the rest would be infinitely helpful (anyone else welcome to reply as well).

Thank you


Benedetta said...

I would like to apply to Sorbonne's master.
Do anyone know how much the fees will be?

thanks a lot.

Alex said...

Hi Mark and guys!
I found that new speciality will be open in LSE - Psychology of Economic Life. Please, anybody, do you know the real content of this program. Is it related to Behavioral Economics or it is just psychology course? Thank you in advance for your answers and help

Shant said...

Hi Mark,

Do you know the current worldwide ranking - I can only find a REPEC ranking of cognitive and behavioural economics.
So you know of an alternative?

Thanks in advance!

Vera said...

There is also the MSc Social Cognition at UCL, which overlaps with the MSc Cognitive and Decision Science, but is slightly different.

Mark Egan said...

Thanks Vera, I've added that now.

Anonymous said...

Do yo know any program in Canada?

Anonymous said...

Is there a compiled list of US schools offering an MA or MS in Behavioral Economics? thank you.

Ineke said...

Tilburg University in the Netherlands offers a Master in Economics in which you can specialize in Behavioral Economics which is also very interesting:

Anonymous said...

At Tilburg University in the Netherlands they offer a Master in Economics in which you can specialize in Behavioral Economics. Could you add this one to the list?

Gerhard Fehr said...


since fall 2016 there is a master program in behavioral economics at the university of zurich. .

here is the link:

Jana Vyrastekova said...

Hoi, Mark.

Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, has a master track Economics, Behavior and Policy.


Jana Vyrastekova (RU Nijmegen:)

Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks for compiling this great list.

Warwick seems unique in offering a MSc Behavioural Economics course with a Psychology track as many of the masters (Nottingham, UVA, Rotterdam) require a BSc Economics. Unfortunately, at £20k+ even for home students, the Warwick degree is too pricey!